In my work, I am interested in how we perceive the nature of the individual and the ways that it can be communicated.

I am influenced by color, science, and sound. Through the tradition of portraiture, I explore how the invisible force of self-determinism creates a visible face to the world. From friends to women scientists, I use letters, binary code and binaural recordings to reveal hidden aspects of character.

Using oil, acrylic, and water-soluble wax pastel, on paper, canvas and wood, I paint with high-octane color. I like the tension between incongruent colors and juxtaposing complementary colors to create a visual emotional impact.

Jennifer Mondfrans


Jennifer Mondfrans lives in San Francisco.

Autodidact by nature, Jennifer created her independent painting classes while studying philosophy at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Her first painting won the President’s Award, the school’s top art prize. She also won a grant to fund the creation of a 4’ x 7’ acrylic painting which is now in the college’s permanent collection.

After college, Jennifer continued to paint (sometimes in heated conditions) while she worked as a writer in all forms of advertising. On moving to San Francisco in 2002, Jennifer built a body of work influenced by color and inspired by historical women scientists. She has been represented by 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace in Gold Coast, Australia, and her work has been featured in Scientific American and GenPort, a website funded by the European Union that focuses on gender in science. She has shown in San Francisco, New York City, Berlin, Germany, Romania, Portland, Oregon, Hudson, New York, Gold Coast, Australia and the National Steinbeck Museum.

Art doesn’t care if you’re man or woman. One thing you have to have is talent, and you have to work like mad. ~ Alice Neel